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Magnetic Charger Pitch 1.8mm 5 Pin Pogo pin Female Connector for PCB

  • Детали Продукты:
  • Место происхождения : ShenZhen China
  • бренд : YH
  • Cертификация : RoHS, REACH
  • Номер модели : YHC11016 F
  • Минимальный заказ : 100
  • Время доставки : about 20 days
  • Условия платежа : T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Возможность поставки : 20000 pieces per month

Детальное описание продукта
Magnetic Charger Pitch 1.8mm 5 Pin Pogo pin Female Connector for PCB

YHC11016 F, 5 pin magnetic connector female for PCB, user-friendly and fashionable design, pitch 1.8mm
Springloaded contacts or pogo pin, consists of tube, spring, plunger(pin). It links between PCB and battery, Antenna to PCB, and board to board on a small space. Molded pin into plastic housing allows for production of custom products for various shapes and sizes, it’s both space saving, no high price for customized connection.
Magnetic connectors are able to automatically attach to the device in close proximity. Compared to the ordinary connectors, the magnetic connector is high current fast charging, vibration proof, convenient and fashionable using.
High durability: no wear and tear to connectors
mating cycles: Max. Up to 1,000,000 cycles
IP67/68 sealing, waterproof design
perfect for power connector and data transfer, Vibration-proof
high current, high-speed I/O, faster recharge with less operating time.
Combined current, data, LAN & RF connections

Raw material are RoHS Compliant.
Customized cable length of magnetic cable upon request.
Yeahui is a ISO9001 certified factory, we have full capability to support your custom cable assembly design and production.
All products will go through 100% testing before packing and shipping to ensure there are no shorts, mis-wiring, or broken wires.
AV equipment, data communication device, mobile phone, Consumer electronics, smart wearable, digital electronics products, Medical equipment, teaching products, fitness and health equipment, health care equipment, automotive, Marine equipment, aerospace electronic, heating and fire-fighting system, wireless equipment, LED lights, appliances and smart home products, Wearable electronics connector, monitor bracelets, smart watches, and smart glasses, MAC BOOK MagSafe 2, Tablet PC

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