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Industrial Plug High-performance 2P+E Panel Mounted IP 44 Circular connector by China interconnection solution supplier

  • Детали Продукты:
  • Место происхождения : ShenZhen China
  • бренд : YH
  • Cертификация : ROHS, REACH
  • Номер модели : YH9007
  • Минимальный заказ : 100
  • Время доставки : about 20 days
  • Условия платежа : T/TWestern Union
  • Возможность поставки : 20000 pieces per month

Детальное описание продукта
Industrial Plug High-performance 2P+E Panel Mounted IP 44 Circular connector by China interconnection solution supplier


YH9007 High-performance Industrial waterproof 2P+EPanel Mounted Socket.
Quick to connect, safe to use, functional and ergonomic, easy and intuitive.
The Industrial socket is made based on standard IEC60309-1-2 and equivalent standard GB/T11918, GB/TT11919.
Beside this 3pole circular connector, yeahui can offer various industrial connectors. Such as IP44 /IP66Panel Panel Mounted Socket, IP44 /IP66 Angled Panel Mounted Socket, IP44/IP66 Surface Mounted Socket, IP44/IP66 Panel Mounted Inlet, Schuko Connector, IP44/IP66 Wall Mounted Inlet...
This Series Industrial connectors have different Color, like blue, yellow, red, green, black, gray...
The color of the connector means different voltage and frequency. It is safety because plugs and sockets use different poles, diameters of poles and position to avoid mis-connection.
2P+E Panel Mounted Socket IP 44 Circular connector can be utilized in different machinery, equipment, communications, lighting, trains, marines etc.
Our materials, engineering, and manufacturing organizations meet the high standards implement by ISO 9001:2008.
tailor-made cable assemblies scope run through design, engineer and manufacture, internal and external communication, all to your specific requirements.
Whether produce large or small quantities, all conform to the highest quality standards, delivered on time
Develop or construct individual cable harnesses and installation groups according to plans or samples, which only go into production after sampling and receiving final approval from the client.
Cable with UL proved. variable colors for your option.
all the products we offered are RoHS, REACH compliance.
components can be ODU, DELPHI, MOLEX, SUMITOMO, tyco/AMP, Deutsch, Amphenol, Delphi, Wabco, Furukawa, LEAR, PREH, KST, KONTEK, KET, FCI, Bosch, Yazaki, Kawasaki.
One-stop factory, we can help procure other accessories to complete your requirements, like, LED, fuseholder, switch..
cable can be with Shielding layer, aluminum or heat shrinkable tube.
With investigating the working environment, cable can be PVC, PUR... jackets


we can design the most suitable products according to the requirements and detailed drawings, sketch of customers.
welcome OEM orders
consistent quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer before and after service help us sustain long term relationship with customers.
R&D capability: Design and Development, CAD Documentation, Project Management, Testing and Evaluation, after sale follow up.
Quality craftsmanship give the cable premium flexibility and durability
Efficient internal communication and cooperation shorten development and production time for you prototypes.


quality control: 100% Quality Inspection and Testing; IQC, QC department carry out tightened inspection tests before shipment, test after assembly, internal mould testing, external mould testing, and appearance inspecting, random inspection, 100% inspection before delivery, production flexibility.
We are able to supply various types of industrial connectors upon request.
Free samples can be supplied after quotation confirmed.
Refine old products and develop/design new products keeps us in abreast with the times.


waterproof 2P+E Panel Mounted Socket IP 44 Circular connector utilized in all areas which need quick electric connect, such as: petroleum and chemical industry, corollary equipment of mechanism, building site, power, electron, railway, airport, quarrying minerals plant, water supply and sewerage, waterproof processing factory, port, wharf, emporium, hotel, and such industry and mining enterprisesmachinery, equipment, communications, lighting, trains, marines, milling machines, caravans and industrial use, automation equipments, trash truck, marine, agricultural, industrial automation, lighting, communications systems, power distributions of factories, constructions sites, chemical industry, ports, airports, water supply and treatment...

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